Better Schooling for Future Prospects

Thanks to the construction of 3 new classrooms in the primary school of the Municipality of Dak To Kan – Village of Dak Ro Ong (Tu Mo Rong District).

The implementation of this great project has been stepped up considerably thanks to official accreditation of our association by the Vietnamese Government as a “Non-Governmental Organization” in Vietnam.

Following the global coronavirus health crisis, the return to Belgium of the two volunteers working at the site was brought forward during the most recent mission earlier this year, in March.

But despite the pandemic, work has not been interrupted in Vietnam. This is because the region, which is very isolated in the mountains, has only been affected very slightly by the virus.

As a result, we have been able to complete construction of the building and, since 4th May, pupils have returned to school and have now settled into their three new primary classrooms.

Your generosity will make all the difference to the future of these children.

Please help the building of the school by making a contribution to bank account