Hygiene and health are at the heart of our priorities

« Les Petits Bouts de Kontum » was set up in 2005 by three inhabitants from Wavre who were touched by the plight of child victims of poverty in Central Vietnam. Their aim was to help the children in the orphanage « Vinh Son 1 », who belong to the « Bahnar » ethnic minority, by giving them constructive, long-term support. 

In 2010, the missions took their volunteers into the territories of the remote villages on the high plateaux of Kon Tum, where aid is the scarcest.

Hand in hand with local officials, they are developing a genuine partnership based on three objectives: access to clean drinking water by building wells and purifying existing sources; hygiene by building showers and latrines; and healthcare by building two rural Health Centres. 

Today, the charity operates not only thanks to the generosity and the wonderful loyalty of its donors, but also thanks to a very tight-knit team of 15 volunteers united in support of shared values: to be of use to others in order to help ensure that opportunities are spread more fairly.

President : Jean-Pierre De Rouck,

Board members : Pierre Van Obbergen – André Demortier – Jack Garsous – Elisabeth Gijbels

Effective membres : Lieve De Temmerman – Nelly Auspert – Francis Brusseleers – René Delhaise – Josiane Caron – Nathalie Dupont –Thao Le Thi Tu – Danielle Noël – Pascale De Rouck – Sophie Pironet 


The association is funded through individual private donations, subsidies, help from international service clubs and one-off events and campaigns. 

The association is set up on a non-political and non-religious basis, and works in a spirit of integrity and transparency.

How you can help?

By making a donation on the bank account :

BE30 0688 8949 8111 – GKCCBEBB

Any donation of at least 40 Euro or more per calendar year is tax-deductible via your tax return. It entitles you to a tax break of 45% of the amount donated.